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Related post: Date: Tue, 1 Jan 2008 19:49:08 bikini loli -0800 (PST) From: Jack English Subject: Rachel and Chris - Part 1 TS/TGRachel and Chrisby Jack EnglishCopyright 2007, Part 1Rachel and the Ring Yesterday was clear with a light but chilling winter wind present to remind all that the bit of warmth in the pedo loli video sun would only last a couple of hours at best. I struggled between young porn loli child sweating and freezing as I worked to remove the winter street grime from my roadster. Top up and windows closed may have some keep the roadster in the garage all winter but not me. Unless it is icy, I want to drive the corner hugging, light and fast two seat roadster in all seasons. The price? Winter road grime loli angels bbs that is easiest to remove at the local manual car wash. I'd given the little red car a complete rub down with soap and pressurized water, then taken through the soft water of the auto wash and the air dryer. Now I was drying and polishing, bending every which way and sweating when my coat was zipped and freezing when it was open. To say the least I was in no way looking attractive or feeling charming. As I was about half way through the process another car pulled up just across the vacuum and trash station. I didn't pay much attention but just wished it would not be another person deriving their sense of self worth by how many other people he can make listen to his preferred music. No noise came and I was relieved. And when I stood up and glanced across my car to the new neighbor, more than relief came. I was looking at a very cute bronze skinned Latina with long, straight dark hair and a petite but shapely figure. She looked to be around twenty and her large eyes and bright teeth shown when she saw me looking her way. Figuring a nice smile was all that would come of the moment I went back to work on my car. A few kinder loli preteen minutes later I was working little lolis the side of my car nearer the little Latina image sexy loli beauty with my back to her when I heard a clearly vulgar word overpower even the sound of the big car wash vacuum. I turned to look and saw her holding the big vacuum hos hands that it took free preteen lolits pics both for her to manage it. She was staring into it with a look of loss and concern across her face. Just as I began to ask if there was something I could do to help, the vacuum time ran out and the machine powered down. This meant that my "Can I help you" came out as a yell and jolted her enough that she dropped the hose. "I'm sorry," I said as it was obvious to both why I had spoken so loudly. "You look as if something bad happened," I added. She looked at me across the small appliance and trash island and said in voice as small as her five-foot frame: "My ring fell off while I was vacuuming the floor and the damn thing sucked it up." "I don't know what to pthc loli japan do to get it back," she added with a bit of a sad expression. If I'm going to help I thought I should at least introduce myself to this hottie driving the blue VW Jetta. "I'm Jack," I loli cp hardcore said as I reached across the isle to offer a handshake. "Hi, I'm Rachel," she said as she reached forward and took my hand with a feminine but confident handshake. "Well Rachel, you are in luck. Do you see that guy over there in the blue jacket?" I asked as I pointed across the facility. "He is the owner and comes by every day for an hour preteen porn lolicon or two so I bet we can get your ring back but it may be a dirty job," I told her. Relief loli bbs underage and a pretty smile crossed her face 3d anime incest loli as I started off to get the attention of the sex world loli sex owner with whom I'd visited often. I called out his name and he came over meeting me half way. I explained to him what had happened and he said he'd be right back with the key to open the vacuum. loli 13 yo bbs I returned to Rachel, enjoying the chance to get to visit with her as she was quite sexy in her tight jeans and little sweater covered petite upper bbs nude loli body. It was clear anime erotic lolicon that even though petite she was at least a large B-cup or C-cup and had a very curvaceous ass with fairly trim hips. I spoke tgp banned loli with her while we waited had been said by the time the owner walked over to open the vacuum. After a few moments the wash owner pulled her ring from a safety screen and, I guess wanting to let me be the hero, handed to me. He said a few words, closed up the machine and left me there holding Rachel's ring. I don't know what she was thinking but I bet she wondered if I was going to give her ring back to her as I did not do so immediately. Instead, I told her to wait for a moment and then lolit boy xxx walked over to a wash sink malyshok loli and rinsed the ring off as it was covered in gray vacuum dust. lolicon comix free gallery It was clearly a high school graduation ring, and I'd noticed no other rings on her fingers so I was fairly certain she was xxx bbs loli not married or engaged. By noting the date and school loli nymphet on the ring I was able to confirm kids bbs loli to myself that she was about twenty or twenty-one and was from the local neighborhood. It was a very free galleries lolicon pretty, small graduation ring and seemed to be nicer than the normal order at the school type so when I walked back and handed to preteen loli gallery her, I said: "Rachel, that's a very nice class ring. You have very good taste." "Thank you so much," she said almost blushing. young loli non pic "It is a special ring because my grandmother gave it to me for graduation. I was so afraid I'd lost it and was about to break into tears when you spoke to me," she added. "Well I'm glad loli gallery I could help," I responded. "I like your car," she blurted out after an awkward pause. "And thank you again for helping me, it really does mean a lot," she said as she reached out to again shake my hand, this time with her class ring on her right hand. I took her hand and held it firmly, looked straight into her eyes, and said "Rachel, I have to admit that I'm glad your ring fell off and all of this happened." loli bbs cp Still holding her hand, I continued "If not I would not have met you and frankly, I want to tell you that you are one of the lolits i am fool most beautiful women I've ever met. So, all of the pleasure ha en mine." Rachel blushed a little more but did not pull away or appear overly intimidated. Instead she took her other hand and wrapped sunbbs forum loli it around our two that were joined and told me again how much she appreciated my help. She then loosened her grip and I let go a bit sad that the moment had ended. "Rachel," I said. "If it weren't so cold I'd offer you a quick spin around with the top down." "That'd be fun," she said while looking at my car. "It is a blast and if I could stand it, I'd have the top down every day of the year," I said. "How pussy girls loli about this," I questioned, "how young lolitta bbs about we meet at the coffee house over lolits youngs sex on the next block and I buy you something hot?" cp lolicon underground "Why not," she said with a toss of her head and radiant smile. "It's a date," I loliota kids sex added. "I'll see you over there in about fifteen minutes, Okay?" "I'll see you then," she replied as she walked back around to the driver's side of her car. loli tgp bbs She flashed me a very attractive smile just lolicon before she disappeared beneath the roof line. Then, she drove out and waved at me with her little ring-bearing hand. The Coffee House I was at least able to use a wet towel to clean little loliats up my face a bit and get my hair combed decently in the few minutes I had before driving over to the coffee shop to meet Rachel. I'd gone from being somewhat miserable to excited in just a few minutes and now I was ready to head down the street. Rachel's car was there as I pulled up and parked. As I entered I scanned the long room and there was Rachel looking radiant and waving at me from a table in a spot of sunshine near a window. I walked up and reintroduced myself as I figured it was very likely she had never remembered me name. Giggling slightly, Rachel confirmed by suspicion and told me how glad she was that I repeated my name. She had forgotten and it was causing her embarrassment. Without going into much detail, our vi nnected well and she was an accomplished conversationalist which I appreciated greatly. I learned several things about her including that she was twenty one, was attending college locally, lived nearby with a roommate, and did not mention anything about a significant other. I was curious about the roommate, Chris, she mentioned. I had assumed that Chris was a girl as Rachel seemed traditional in everyway. I didn't think anything about it until I reflected on a few comments she made that caused me to wonder. lolittas models When I had asked her if she was living at home while going to school, as it was clear from the ring that she was from the area, she displayed a quick look of a twisted mouth and said something about not being able to live at home. She wasn't specific and had immediately told me where she lived and that she had a roommate named Chris. I never did get back to learning any more details. first loli bbs I asked Rachel if she would let me take her to dinner the following evening which would be Sunday. "Sure," she said with a smile. Things were shaping up nicely and I was beginning to think that I might have a chance to get intimate with this gorgeous young lady. I certainly had been thinking about it from first sight but only as a remote possibility. Now it was much better than remote. After planning the time I'd pick Rachel up on the following day, we parted with a friendly, light hug. Her petite body next to me fired up about every connection in my body! Sunday's Date When I went to the door to greet Rachel on Sunday at 5:30 pm, I was delighted when she appeared dressed to kill. "Wow, this girl is hot!" I thought to myself. She was dressed in a little black cocktail style dress with sexy heals. There was leg from mid-thigh to ankle on full display and those legs were golden brown, very smooth and perfectly shapely. Her long hair was shiny and reached well below her small shoulders. The front of the dress was cut to scoop low on her chest and she hed up with the top third of them on display. I thought to myself how great it was that young women today show off their feminine features so freely instead of covering up trying to look like men in response to the women's libbers who'd been influential when I was her age. lolipop teen cherry We greeted each other and just as she was about close the door, a young looking guy appeared in view. He was dark headed and thin from what little young teen porn loli I could see. "Bye Chris," Rachel said to him as she pulled the door closed behind us. Obviously, my mind was now in sweet loli girls overdrive as I walked this petite Latina beauty to the car. Was this a boyfriend? Was there something I should know? I didn't have to wait long for an explanation as I had just pulled away from the curb when Rachel began to speak. magic loli bbs "Chris is my little brother," she said to my relief. "He and my parents could not get along and it young loli nn got so bad that I decided to get an apartment while in school mainly so he could stay with me. He's only a year younger and is going to school too," she explained. "Our board loli child parents are paying for school but we are both working part time to pay for rent and food," she added. As I moved the little car into freeway traffic, and was feeling relief that Chris was no boyfriend, I was compelled to keep looking at Rachel's hot legs as her little skirt was very high on her thighs while in the car. Also, her cleavage was so attractive that it was all I could sun loli book do to concentrate on her words. She seemed to be very comfortable with her sex appeal, aware of it, and happy to be found attractive by me. I loli porn cp bbs liked this as I'm not attracted to women who are not somewhat self confident. lolitta porn nakedgirl I'm a sucker for lingerie and especially for stockings but it was clear that at twenty-one, this bronze Latina hottie had no need to cover her legs as they were tremendous by themselves. loli pedo art While driving I asked a few innocent, open-ended questions to get Rachel talking about herse e her dark eyes sparkle when lolia thumbs she talked about her friends, job and loli nude model pic family. lolitta magazine We made it to dinner, had a fine experience lubricated with wine and by hentai lolicon pix dessert, Rachel was reaching across the small table and taking my hand. She would run her finger across the top of my loli bbs dark hand while she held it with the other in a not so subtle indication that romance and nude uncensored loli intimacy was not only possible but expected. We went to a quite, upscale jazz club afterwards where we sat side by side in a banquet type table. As we conversed, our body touching turned up a notch with Rachel taking the lead in most everything. It wasn't long before we shared some very tender kisses but knowing we were in public, held back from too much display. Under the table was another matter. I had my hand underneath Rachel's dress on her smooth thighs and was using the tpg lolis side of my hand to apply pressure to her clit through what felt like very lacy loli cgiworld dreamwiz panties. She smile widely and pushed against my hand with her hips as she clearly enjoyed the attention. Meanwhile, her left hand had lolits tgp made it inside my slacks and was massaging my hard cock with my slick semen. It felt so good that I didn't want it to end. Fortunately I require a good bit of pressure to come so I wasn't very worried about releasing in my pants. 3d loli board lol I was, however, worried about Rachel. It was clear that she was near orgasm and from the discreet whimpers that had began to escape from her sexy lips, I was afraid she might let loose with a full out scream when she reached her peak. I pressed harder and wiggled my hand faster as she clamped her thighs tightly. And, just as I was looking at her angelic face, her eyes shot open to full width and her body motions ceased. I quickly pulled her head to my chest and held her tightly as she came with small quakes rippling through her body. She didn't scream, but to anyone who had been watching her directly it was clear what had just happened. "How was that?" I asked quietly while holding her again ck, which she had stopped massaging as her climax was building. Then she lifted her chin up and kissed me while gazing into my eyes. "What a sexy and incredible girl," I kept thinking to myself as I took a napkin and discreetly placed it under the loli desnudas table and into her hand rubbing foto loli my cock. She took the hint and used it to clean up much of the semen that was coating me and her small hand. "How about free lolicon pictures we continue this back at my place," I asked. I didn't know what to young loli sites think for a moment because Rachel didn't respond fotos loli tgp but seemed free loli incest lost in thought. I began to think young loli pedo that she was all about "heavy petting" as they use to call it but didn't go any farther. I was hoping such wasn't the case but was resigned the possibility. I thought that either way she was great. "Jack, let's go," she said very carefully and thoughtfully as she squeezed my hand. "But let's go back to my apartment if you don't mind." I didn't mind. If it was fine with her it was fine with me. Her brother being there was a bit weird for her I thought but it didn't bother me in the slightest. lolitta forum I assumed that with her dating he loli guestbook elwebbs had likely seen many of her boyfriends come home with her. Before I could reply and react, Rachel added: "Don't worry about my brother. I don't think he will mind." Thinking he wouldn't mind was not exactly reassuring but it was more a problem for her than for me so off we went. As we drove back across town to her apartment, Rachel began to tell me about her brother as it seemed she wanted me to be fully briefed before we made it to her place. top girl loli non "I love Chris with all my heart and I will not let anyone hurt him," she said as I wondered what hentay loli this was building toward. "My Mom and Dad couldn't go a day without putting him down and treating him like crap. It didn't matter what he did, he was wrong. His friends were bad, his effort at school was bad, the way he dressed was bad, and on and on," she said.nce we were little kids. He always wanted to play with my toys and dolls; wanted rape incest loli to play with my friends and not the other boys, and; got caught over and over dressing up in my clothes." "When I was in middle school and started wearing more lolit asian grown up things, my Dad caught him dressed up as a girl one afternoon and just lost it. He didn't hit Chris but he called him so many things that Chris wouldn't even speak for several weeks afterward," she continued. "They sent him to all kinds of counselors free loli stories but the fact was very clear that he wanted to be a girl." "When he was sixteen, and had been to over a dozen counselors, one of them told my Mom and Dad that he was "trans-gendered" and we all had to learn about that. All the while, the only person Chris would talk with was me and even then he was limited in what he would share," said Rachel. As she was telling me this I was wondering how she would take it if she knew that I had been with a couple of TG girls before. I wasn't about to tell her that it was one of my great fantasies.Rachel continued, "It was impossible for me to understand how my parents, who were very loving to me and our younger siblings, could be so rejecting and hateful toward Chris. It wasn't as if he decided 101 loli pics to be a girl for sex or something. He was doing it as a little kid and they tried to ignore it but couldn't." By this time, Rachel had my hand between in hers on her lap right on top of her hot pussy and was showing plenty of leg. She was amateur sex loli so hot and I was looking forward to having her petite body on top of me, with her long hair and breasts hanging toward my mouth, while she fucked my cock with her hot pussy. There's little like the look of a hot woman when she reaches orgasm while on top of your cock. "Chris was not out screwing around in high school, in fact, I think he is still a virgin in every sense of the word," explained Rachel. "But, as soon as I started college I knew that I had to get nudist beach loli him out of the feel so depressed. And, since we got the apartment two year's ago, he has quit art loli preteen being down and seems happy. He has some good friends from school, girls and guys, and seems to be getting along with everyone although I don't think that he as actually let all of them know of his leanings," she said. Laughing now, Rachel said: "The only bad thing about having Chris in the house is that he keeps borrowing my underwear!" "I just wanted you board japan loli to know, lolicon free mpegs because at home Chris often dresses as a girl but so far I've never seen him do so outside of the house," she added. Understanding now what her hesitation was about going back to her place, I asked some questions to let her know that I wasn't shocked in any negative way. "Do you help him put on makeup and everything? Do you fix up his hair? Does he look like a girl?" I asked Rachel. underage lolitta petite "Yes," she said. "I've taught him how to wear his clothes and do his makeup and hair. And, yes, he does look kds loli rompl very pretty when he is dressed as a girl. I've told him that he should go out because no one would even think he wasn't a girl. But, so far he has been satisfied to live in the apartment as a girl without letting others know," she told me. "Does he want a sex change?" I asked as I shifted gears exiting the freeway and then put my hand back on her lap. "I asked him that and he said that he doesn't think so," she replied. "I do know one thing, and don't you tell him I told you!" she said laughing. "What?" I said as I looked at her sexy lips. "He seems to like having a dick! I've caught him masturbating many times when we were younger at home and now that he has his own room, I know that's what he is doing in there sometimes," she explained. "And I know something else about him that he doesn't think I know," Rachel declared as if telling me a state secret. "He has a vibrator and uses it on loli bbs ls magazine himself because I can hear it buzzing through oor!" "So he likes the best of both worlds?" I inquired with a raise of nude loli tgp the eyebrow in her direction. This comment seemed to make her think for a moment as we drove closer to her apartment. I assume that she thought I'd say nothing, object, or just be polite about imgboard fozya bbs loli it. Instead I said something that suggested some understanding and curiosity. I don't think she was expecting that. I pulled up before the apartment and before we got out of the car we exchanged a very hot, wet, tongue-tied kiss. My hand went back to her pussy and gave it some attention as we kissed. She had her hands on my cock almost immediately and it was as hard as loli 13 bbs possible once again. As I moved my kisses to her ear, I whispered to her that it would be exciting if she would give me a blow job while we were sitting in the car out front. No objection lolitta sites was forthcoming but my cock was. It was pulled right up and out by Rachel as she lowered her sexy little head down and took my slick dick into lolitta sex gallery her hot mouth. Her tongue 14yo loli movie swirled around the head of litle angel loli my cock and she gripped the shaft firmly with loli xxx vids her head. I was lifting my hips up to get more in top model loli sexy her mouth while beginning to tickle her asshole through her panties as she was bent over the console sucking me. She moaned each time I applied press against her sphincter so free lolicon bondage I thought that to be a sign that she may have a cute kinder loli fun-loving ass which is always a plus. She sure knew how to lolit ls tgp work her mouth loli angels around the most sensitive parts of my cock and I was about to blow. "Rachel, I'm going to come baby!" I declared in time for her to pull off if she so desired. She stroked my shaft and took my come on her lips and around her mouth. Not exactly swallowing but not turning away either, she rubbed the come around on her lips with her tongue and scooped much of it up with her hand. Grabbing a napkin lolipop pic from the map pocket right in front of her on the door, she cleaned me up and wiped her face off while hard lolite free pics looking at me with the best "fuck me" look I've get to know Chris well in Part free lolicon vid samples 2
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